I Tried 5 Viral TikTok Plant Hacks So You Don't Have To

I Tried 5 Viral TikTok Plant Hacks So You Don't Have To

TikTok is brimming with wannabe plantfluencer advice, but should you believe everything you see? Some viral plant care hacks seem questionable at best and downright damaging at worst.

I experimented with 5 of these cringey TikTok plant tips to see if they hold up. Save your plants the stress and steer clear of these misguided trends. Here are the troubling results so you know what NOT to do for your botanical babies.


Image source: thespruce.com

Ice Cubes to Water Plants?! 🧊🌱

The Hack: Watering with ice supposedly provides a slow-release way to hydrate plants.

The Results: Completely uneven watering plus thermal shock! The cubes also leave behind zero nutrients.

The Verdict: Stick to room temperature water instead.


Painting Leaves and Flowers 🎨🌺

The Hack: Using washable paint to brighten blooms seems fun but is totally unnecessary.

The results: even non-toxic paint sealed in moisture leading to rot and suffocation.

The Verdict: Let plants show their natural hues instead.


Image source: mydomaine.com

Spray Painting Pots Inside 💨🪴

The Hack: Spray painting plastic nursery pots promises a quick decor upgrade but it's deceptively damaging.

The Results: trapped chemical fumes absorb into the soil, slowly poisoning plants.

The Verdict: Sand and re-stain pots instead for safety.


Adding Glitter to Soil ✨🌱

The Hack: Adding biodegradable glitter into pots gives sparkly soil but at what cost?

The Results: it prevented water and oxygen from absorbing properly leading to root rot.

The verdict: Leave soil bare instead for healthy plants!


Image source: thegreenhead.com

Googly Eye Plant Decor 👀🌿

The Hack: Adding googly eyes and faces seems silly-fun but impedes photosynthesis and oxygen.

The Results: covered leaves yellowed and plants declined.

The Verdict: Keep decoration minimal and non-invasive.

In Conclusion:

Think twice before jumping on the next viral plant TikTok challenge without considering how it impacts your plant's health. Trusted sources like houseplant subs often have far better advice. When in doubt, stick to the basics - thorough watering, indirect sunlight and drainage!

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