How to Decorate Your Dorm Room With Plants

How to Decorate Your Dorm Room With Plants

Your dorm room doesn't have to look drab or lack personality. Liven up the space and make it feel more welcoming by incorporating houseplants and botanical accents. Follow these tips for successfully decorating your dorm with greens that will thrive in the conditions.

girl and boy in a dorm room

#1 Choose Low Maintenance Varieties

Opt for hard-to-kill plants like pothos, succulents, snake plants and zz plants which tolerate low light. They also require less frequent watering, perfect for busy student schedules. Pothos and philodendrons are easy trailing vines, while ZZ and jade plants are resilient compact options.

pothos plant
Pothos are good low-maintenance option


#2 Use Hanging Planters

Take advantage of vertical real estate and hang trailing pothos or philodendrons in macrames from hooks. Suspend them in front of windows for indirect light. For compact dorms, utilize wall space for shelves and floating ledges to display potted plants out of the way.

hanging plant with woman

#3 Maximize Desktop Space

Small succulents, cacti and air plant terrariums are the perfect dorm desk plant since they don't take up much precious surface area. Opt for low-profile geometric planters versus bulky pots. Use plant stands to elevate greenery above clutter.

desk with computer and plants


#4 Get Creative With Plant Stands

Upcycle crates, ladders, shelves and other found items into custom stands for potted plants. Add wheels for easy rearranging. Floating ledges mounted on the wall provide display space. Books and stacked items like drawers work as impromptu pedestals.

crate with plants


#5 Provide Consistent Light and Water

Pay attention to plants' watering and lighting needs for thriving growth. Supplement with a grow light if natural sun is limited in your dorm. Use phone reminders to prompt you when different plants need hydrating.

phone on desk with plants

#6 Incorporate Plant Prints and Art

If live plants seem too high maintenance, go for printed botanical pillows, wall art, tapestries, and accents featuring tropical motifs. Pick vibrant colors matching your dorm bedding and decor.

Floral Forest Framed Poster by Plantas

Add life to your limited dorm space and express your style with the addition of greenery and plant accents. Share your best tips for dorm decor and plants in the comments!

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