5 Houseplants Even You Can't Kill

5 Houseplants Even You Can't Kill

Hey plant parents, listen up! Just because you couldn't keep a cactus alive last year doesn't mean you're doomed to a green thumb-less life. Certain sturdy houseplants can tolerate even the most haphazard watering habits and uneven sunlight.

From nearly-indestructible succulents to un-killable vines, we've rounded up 5 impossible-to-murder houseplants that will thrive despite your neglect. Consider it permission to finally become a plant parent!

Snake Plant

This quirky, spear-shaped succulent laughs in the face of missed waterings and dark corners.
Snake plant on white background and black vase

ZZ Plant

With plump, waxy leaves, ZZs survive any conditions like a champ. Water? Light? Optional.
ZZ plant on glossy concrete floor and white vase


This trailing vine is a diligent grower in low light and sparse watering. Pothos got your back.
Pothos leave on white background


Lush heart-shaped leaves unfurl constantly from these robust climbers. Hard to overwater and tolerant of shade.

Ponytail Palm

Despite its name, it's not actually a palm or even a tree. This funky succulent stores water in its pineapple-esque trunk.
Ponytail palm tree

What other resilient plants deserve a spot on this list? Share your un-murderable houseplant heroes below!

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